Thursday, 30 June 2011


Ok, so sorry to all my followers, haven't posted nearly enough in the last week or so; life has been hectic, hectic, HECTIC! Tomorrow I shall be jetting off to Grecia for a week of sun & relaxation, much needed!

Today I stumbled upon this beaut: VIMTO ICE LOLLY. Double-ewe-tee-eff. I was quite excited as you can see by the magical look on my face. Amongst desperately trying to fit all my clothes under the 20kg luggage limit (damn you British Airways), playing tennis (wimbledon fever) and getting Ed Sheeran's album (LUSH-get it now), I have managed to get all my articles written and 'scheduled' for my absence, for all my lovely followers. I have a few trend articles and 'Lookbooker of the Week' coming up, so watch this space!

1 comment:

  1. Ooh, have fun on your vacation! All of the people I know keep jetting off on their vacations; I can't wait for the end of next month so that I can have mine!

    You wrote your articles in advance for while you're away? That's so clever! Can't wait to see your next featured Lookbooker. :)