Thursday, 7 July 2011


London Calling...and Lizzie B's on the line. Yes, this weeks Lookbooker of the week goes to the beautiful Lizzie from London. Denim is her best friend, good luck trying to catch L in leggings! A tasty concoction of masculine vintage balanced with a hint of feminine detail, means L is onto a winner, add rock n roll as needed.

"secret love affair with vintage denim. and iced latte."

NAME: Lizzie Broadway
AGE: 16
MY STYLE IN 3 WORDS: spontaneous, free, at times eccentric
FAVOURITE ITEM OF CLOTHING: High waist vintage Levi jeans, or fringed black jumpsuit
FAVOURITE PLACE: London: Shoreditch. England: Suffolk countryside.
I REALLY LOVE: Vintage denim, it gets better with time, and the materials used 40 years ago are amazing quality compared to what jeans are sometimes made of today.
I REALLY HATE: leggings. just leggings with anything, other than for running.
FASHION ADVICE: with vintage don't settle with falling down hems and holes in jumpers - you'll look a mess.

Lizzie's lookbook can be found here:

Monday, 4 July 2011

Forget me knot.

Well...if it isnt my good old friend, the top-knot. Firstly, Id like to thank you top-knot, you have aided me through many a bad hair day, through bad roots to split ends, through rainy days to rushed mornings. I salute you top- knot.
Secondly, TOP KNOT HAS RETURNED. And fiercer than ever might I add. Seen at all the Fall shows from Marios Schwab to Temperley, this brilliant barnet is here to stay: master it now.

Here we have the double hair knot. What a beaut.

Topshop Unique went for the double whammy this fall...

Even the amazing Diane Kruger got in on the action with a cheeky side knot. Lovely!


Sunday, 3 July 2011


Hello beautiful people. This weeks Lookbooker of the Week goes to the marvelous Kyle! Whilst I thought that cardigans were reserved only for the 60+: Kyle is rocking the jumper! The grandad-cool has its limits however: crocs are always a no-no for him (and for everyone else for that matter).
I really do enjoy his take on casual mens tailoring; each outfit seems well thought out, yet effortless. Trés chic.

NAME: Kyle James Jammeson Prosser

AGE: 17
LOCATION: Charleston, SC
MY STYLE IN 3 WORDS: Different, Always Changing
FAVOURITE ITEM OF CLOTHING: I love cardigans & sweaters.
FAVOURITE PLACE: Definitely downtown, I love shopping and taking pictures there.
I REALLY LOVE: Taking pictures, Photography, Fashion, Etc.
FASHION ADVICE: Black is always in season :)

Kyle's lookbook can be found here:

Thursday, 30 June 2011


Ok, so sorry to all my followers, haven't posted nearly enough in the last week or so; life has been hectic, hectic, HECTIC! Tomorrow I shall be jetting off to Grecia for a week of sun & relaxation, much needed!

Today I stumbled upon this beaut: VIMTO ICE LOLLY. Double-ewe-tee-eff. I was quite excited as you can see by the magical look on my face. Amongst desperately trying to fit all my clothes under the 20kg luggage limit (damn you British Airways), playing tennis (wimbledon fever) and getting Ed Sheeran's album (LUSH-get it now), I have managed to get all my articles written and 'scheduled' for my absence, for all my lovely followers. I have a few trend articles and 'Lookbooker of the Week' coming up, so watch this space!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


So I do a 'Lookbooker of the Week' feature. Each week I will choose a lookbooker who has caught my attention, not just by the amount of hypes they have received, but by how they have used fashion to showcase their unique personality. This week I have chosen Kat T. Kat has a cool, laid-back vibe to her style, very bohemian chic. I chose her because, despite being a self-confessed 'wallflower', she really expresses personality through her clothes and her philosophy that clothes can be your creative medium to show who you are to the World really relates to me, and probably alot of people.

"My secret is that I'm a complete wallflower...I use fashion to force myself out of my comfort zone and generate a more outgoing side of myself."

NAME: Kat T.
AGE: twenty
LOCATION: Massachusetts
MY STYLE IN 3 WORDS: strange, casual, quirky
FAVOURITE ITEM: my oversized cream open-knit sweater
I REALLY LOVE: my fiancée, my cat, and tea
I REALLY HATE: closed-mindedness
FASHION ADVICE: always ask someone for their opinion on an outfit -- and make sure they're not just nodding along with the stock 'looks great' response, either.

Kats blog & lookbook can be found here:

Monday, 20 June 2011


Today some very exciting news came to my attention. 
Oh my god, I just peed. 

So Helena is to become the new face of Marc Jacob's Fall Collection, one of his reference points being "insane asylums", very fitting.

Something else caught my attention today, again I peed:


Playlist of the day

Here's my top 5 most played this week:

1. Calgary - Bon Iver
2. BTSTU - Jai Paul
3. She's Thunderstorms - Arctic Monkeys
4. Intro - The XX
5. Bruises - Chairlift