Monday, 13 June 2011

Tutti Frutti

One of my favourite trend for this summer, fruit! Yes, our fruit friends have gone up in the world: from their humble market place beginnings to being spotted strutting its stuff around Paris and London. How did these simple creatures reach such dizzy heights? By being sexified* by the worlds top designers, thats how. See above Stella getting zesty and Prada going bananas. (I know this is horribly cheesy, but I couldn't help myself)

*not actually a word.

Don't have a designer budget? Fret not little ones! 
The high street did good.

Lemon dress, Primark £9

Very Cherry, H! by Henry Holland @ Debenhams £28

I too could not resist the lure of pineapples wearing shades, River Island £19.99

Remember kids: when life gives you lemons, wear the motherfuckers. Delicious.

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